Build Hospital, College or Orphanage on the disputed land in Ayodhya

There are so many mosques and temples, and they occupy huge chunks of land without any tangible productive value.

India is a progressive nation (if we consider ourselves to be one) need to ask this question to ourselves that do we need more such buildings – Temples or Mosques?

There are very few hospitals, people are dying on road on their way to hospitals which are far. There is a dearth of good colleges and more so in UP. Basic infrastructure needs of the society have not been met since independence.

There are so many children living without parents on road, they don’t get basic necessities of life – food, shelter, and clothes. There is also an option of making orphanage.

Would it not be better if we demanded a college (an institution of repute and national importance) to be built on the disputed land with a specialization in Peace and Conflict Studies OR a full-fledged big hospital for the people, where people are treated with subsidized rates.

In doing this, we will not only be setting an example before the world in the resolution of conflicts but also giving the world a message that we stand for peace, education, and development and not for religious fanaticism. It would really be a progressive move and a watershed moment in the history of independent and democratic India.

As a person, if you think deeply you will find the answer that what you need more. A temple/mosque or a Hospital, College or Orphanage.

Can we do this ??

Please share your thought.

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