Daughters are the Form of Goddess LAKSHMI. Is She?

When a girl is born in an Indian family, we are supposed to see her as a form of Goddess Lakshmi. But

that’s not what happens. There are various forms of violence against women in our society even today:

rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, honor killing, forced marriages, dowry violence, female

infanticide. We feel religious and full of spiritual energy when we are inside a temple or during Diwali

pooja. But what follows after is a dark force. Girls are treated as a burden in most of the families. When

born to a poor, the father worries how would he marry off his daughter in this world of riches. They are

unaware of the fact that their daughters are like gems to the world. If polished efficiently, the shine

would be the brightest.


A young girl whenever she goes out of her house, she takes every step with immense fear. She is

constantly reminded by her guardians to be careful just because she is a girl. Her dressing style is

considered a bait to those highly charged with testosterone counterparts.


Fearsome incidents have been seen in cases where love is overshadowed by obsession. If a girl refuses

the proposal of a guy she doesn’t like, she has to pay for it throughout her life. Once the guy who used

to admire the beauty of the girl becomes the reason behind her disfigured face. He gets stuck with the

thought, “if she can’t be mine, she can’t belong to anyone else”. Hence the acid attack. With the fumes of

the acids in the air, goes up the girl’s future and dreams. And her only crime, because she said no.


Why have the women to do all the compromises, be it a mother, a sister or a wife? Some men expect

their wives to treat them as their gods. Why, just because they have the different pair of genitals? The girl

leaves her house where she was born and brought up after getting married. What it costs to her family,

nothing more than fulfilling “mere” demands of her in-laws in the form of cash, jewelry, car, furniture

by selling off their own property or mortgaging. And what happens when the girl’s parents are unable to

do so is something unearthly. The girl has to face domestic violence, mental harassment, abuses. Some

people even have the guts to set the poor girl on fire or poison her for their hunger of wealth. They are

the same people who celebrate Diwali with full zest and worship Goddess Lakshmi but fail to even treat

their own goddess with respect when she finally showed up.


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