Dekhne Me Kya Harz Hai? Must Watch Video On Women’s Day

India is mainly divided into two sections – RURAL and URBAN. Here once a girl moved into the graduation phase either completes it or in middle of it or she crossed an age of 21-23 years (rural areas) and 23-25 years (urban areas) everyone starts asking her only one question, “SHAADI KAB KAR RAHI HO (WHEN WILL YOU GET MARRIED)“.

In rural areas, girls are not even asked for their choices about marriage. Their parents/guardians finalize the marriage and information have been passed to the girl.

A short film by KARA Studios and Tamarind Pictures, starring Brijendra Kala, Ayesha Raza, and Priya Chauhan, narrate you one story which is totally different and inspirational to all. A 31 years old girl doesn’t want to marry and trust, it’s a big deal for her parents.

Now, the thing which you need to see in this short film on this women day is the way he chooses to make her say yes.

They are not pressurizing her, they calmly do something after which their daughter says yes without any problem.

Please have a look and share your views.


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One thought on “Dekhne Me Kya Harz Hai? Must Watch Video On Women’s Day

  • March 8, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    Amazing gud one….!! 😄😍My choice ASTU….😄😁😁😍


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