Desi with a twist here, a twist there! – Denim Sarees

Denim is definitely one such clothing piece, the majority of people wear. Either be it jeans, jackets, skirts, pants, shirts or in any other form, denim definitely sits in our wardrobe. Now, Fashion steps a new milestone as a girl from Delhi, invents Denim in a way, I am sure no one must have had imagined a few years back. The new form in which Denim is going to rock our world is in the form of sarees. Yes, now Denim can be draped all over the body by girls.

Denim Sarees, is kind of a fusion, a bond of the western culture, with the long rooted Indian traditional culture. The primary inspiration behind this design “Anubha Jain” was to present the girls with an alternative to the heavy shiny and a lot older aged women saris, by a quirky, trendy sort of way.

The Denim saris can be designed as per a person’s taste. It can either be kept plain and simple and yet trendy. Otherwise, the cloth can also be paired with quirky funky laces, and the sari can be given a much traditionally enhanced look.

Designed by a Delhi-college student, ‘Anubha Jain’, in hope to make a mark in the fashion industry, the denim sarees are surely going to be a fashion statement in the upcoming days. Initially, thought to be famous only amongst youngsters, the denim sarees, actually gets more popular within mature women. Thus, denim sarees, not only is going to twist the desi fashion lines but also it will twist

This trendy outfit can easily be worn with crop tops as blouses as well. Further, accessories such as jhumkas, solitaires, bracelets, as well as bandh-galas, add to its charm. When Anubha designed the sari, she had thought that the sari would only be bought by teenage girls or girls of a less age, but surprisingly even elder women seem to be enchanted with Denim sarees.

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