Importance of Learning Foreign Languages

Learning a foreign language is both times consuming and troublesome but recent scientific research on the brain suggests that learning foreign languages makes students smarter overall. Learning another language opens up new opportunities and give you a perspective that you might never have encountered otherwise.

Personal, professional, social and economic considerations, all point to the advantages of learning foreign languages. A person competent in other languages can bridge the gap between cultures, contribute to international diplomacy, promote national security and word peace, and successfully engage in international trade.

  • Necessary for your better prospect:
    • Knowing and additional language illustrates to an employer the value you bring as an employee and a person.
    • Global organizations always look favorably on candidates with a second language because these individuals can be looked upon to be a link between regional offices and ensure a good flow of communication.
    • International businesses prefer to hire people who speak more than one language.
    • Being able to communicate people in their language also demonstrate that you have some knowledge regarding the culture and rituals of those people.
  • Boosts your memory and attention:
    • Studies suggest that since polyglots have several languages active in their head at the same time, they enjoy cognitive boosts such as improve attention and better multi-tasking.
    • As soon as the person become somewhat fluent in their second language, they become aware of the differences in the structure of the foreign language and become more conscious of the vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, idioms and sentence construction of their first language.
  • Better at multitasking:
    • When we learn a new language, we frequently jump between our familiar first language and the new one, making connections to help us retain what we’re learning.
    • These linguistic workout activities create a different zone in our brain.
    • The more we switch between languages, the more those brain zones become accustomed to working.
  • Your children will develop faster:
    • The power to learn a language is so great in the young child that it doesn’t seem to matter how many languages you seem to throw their way.
    • They can learn as many spoken languages as you can allow them to hear systematically and regularly at the same time.
    • Children just have this capacity.
  • Increase your global awareness and understanding:
    • While studying another language, you not only learn how to communicate in that language you also get to know a lot about the country, the culture, and the people.
    • As you progress, you begin to better understand and sympathize with the people who speak the foreign language.

Although the process of learning is generally complex. It is not entirely unpredictable, it’s genuine importance to human culture and the advancement of technology and life make it a most worthy subject for study.

As this era makes the human beings live their daily life using a foreign language in many situations, build blocks in our mind for critical thinking, it’s like a freedom. Freedom to express yourself, freedom to be independent and freedom to live.

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