New Trend With Web Series – Good Replacement of Boring TV Series

Long gone are those days when everyone in a family had to sit together and watch the cry-serials. Serials running for over more than a decade, neither have the storyline to keep viewers glued, neither the charisma or chemistry between the actors. In the modern world, where everything moves too fast, this generation prefers storylines which end exactly at the point when the aim of the show is achieved, instead of laying new aims just to pull the show. Web series a new trend, come into the description, which is not only seen by teenagers but surprisingly well received by all age groups. So, here are some web series, which definitely will help a person get relaxed from his mundane life.


Some say it is the best Web series made in India, until today. Revolving around a story of friends, planning to start a start-up and leaving their highly paying jobs, the episodes show the current scene of the country concerning start-ups and the affairs with potential investors.

Better Life Foundation

Starring Kanan along with Sumukhi Better Life Foundation is a light comedy. It is a mocking comedy, on a story of a person trying to make an NGO work.

I Don’t Watch TV

The Indian Television Industry has always been attractive to the common mass. These episodes give a peekaboo sneak-peak inside the struggles, power driven fights to retain positions, politics, love, hatred, and much more behind the screen. This is one must-watch for all the masala lovers.

All About Section 377

One of the writer’s personal favorite, and considered a must-watch by her. Section 377 is one section which has been into debates almost for a long time. This web series presents the story of a struggler in the acting industry, who is allergic to the LGBTQ Community, only to have to live with his cousin and his gay partner, in Mumbai, failing to find a spot on his own. The story beautifully portrays their love lives, their struggles, and that they are as common and natural in health as anyone else.

Official Chukyagiri

The thought of moving from a small town to the city of dreams always excites one. Official Chukyagiri shows the story of a guy who moves from a small town, Meerut, to Mumbai, only to find the city of dreams too fast for him.

Humorously Yours

This web series beautifully captures a story revolving around how a struggling stand-up comedian goes viral after a mistake of the drunken night, and his life changes all the way to good.

Man’s World

Everyone keeps on talking about feminism in the present time, and what happens when a guy starts feeling that women are given more advantages in this world? A male chauvinist, Kiran, feels that the world is unfair to men. Starring Bollywood celebrities, the web series delivers a wonderful message in a light comic way.


Everyone is fascinated with the thought of a road trip. But a road trip with siblings who have not met for past few years? A must-watch for all brothers and sisters out there, because at the end family always stands together.

And there are many more.

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