On the hook – Arunabh Kumar, the Founder / CEO of TVF

Arunabh Kumar, the Founder as well as CEO of TVF, is in a legal mess now. Recently a lot of allegations have surfaced against the IIT-Kharagpur pass out.

All of this started when an anonymous blogger, took up to social media to raise her voice against Sexual Harassment. She, under the name of Indian Fowler, alleged that Arunabh had tried to molest her when she used to work in the offices. Soon after the anonymous post, a lot of women came forward, pouring in a series of such allegations against the man, with their true identities.

With so much of hype, the victims, however, did not file an F.I.R, with the police. A third-party, a lawyer took over the case, and filed an F.I.R on his own, when a mid-report later said that the case needs to be filed by the victims, after the recording of their statements.

A lot of women came up with their experiences, which were shocking to the world. Even a college batchmate of him said the world about her experience of receiving lewd and sexually harassing comments from him.

However, Arunabh is not off the hooks yet, a case of molestation under Section 354 is most likely to be filed against him.

Now, it’s time to sit back and see, what justice is given to these ladies, and what steps are taken against Arunabh Kumar.

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