Poem Reveals Women Strength – A Game Called Chess

The queen dies, the army doesn’t lower

The king dies, it’s over.

He sits in the topmost tower

Upon him, breaths of countless saviors shower

‘cause he is at higher power, more adored

Doesn’t mean easier life the queen can afford.

The king doesn’t see her tears

For winning is all he cares.

She walked through the enemy territory, so graceful

Fought for the king, yet so beautiful.

Let’s give her some credit

For buying the king his heartbeat.

But it’s of no use now, she is cold and pale

Her flawless face covered in a veil.

Put your heart in the play

And one loses all, too frail.

After the war, it will never be the same

Having faith is an action called lame

You can curse your stars, just to blame

Once the fire is set off, you are the flame.

This is what I have learned from a chess game!

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