Rapid Gyan Helping Students to Get Online Teachers based on their Capabilities

Stuti Rai, Co-Founder, Rapid Gyan

“A sort counseling session with students help us to find the best teacher for them. What other edtech startups are doing is they are providing a marketplace of teachers where a student has the freedom to choose teachers based on ratings and review. Do you really think that a student of 8th grade is mature enough to choose his own teacher? Some students are fast learners and at the same time some students need some time to understand the same thing, they might need better explanation with real-life examples. So at Rapid Gyan, we take a small counseling session with each and every student before providing them a good teacher who can teach at student’s pace” said Stuti Rai, Co-Founder, Rapid Gyan.

 Rapid Gyan is a startup in the field of e-learning. It provides live online tuitions, mainly for the students who often feel too shy to clarify their doubts in crowded coaching classes. Many students travel long hours to get to class. Rapid Gyan breaks these shackles by liberating learning and teaching from the limits of location and time.

 Parents hire good home tutors for their kids and as a result, they allow a stranger to enter in their house. Most of the times those tutors are very honest and good but some of them are really bad, we often heard this news. For Example:

 Minor abused by tutor, case filed – Courtesy: Times of India

Screen Shot of a Live Online Class at Rapid Gyan

 Also, most of the students study a lot before the exam and as a result, they come with lots of doubts, at Rapid Gyan, teachers take classes in the midnight as well as early morning in such scenarios which are not possible in any home tuition or coaching classes.

 Apart from these points, at Rapid Gyan, all the sessions are being recorded so that both students and parents can watch the session videos in order to know what has been taught. These videos are available to the student for the lifetime.

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