Shocking? Anti-National? Kashmir Cricket Club Wears Pakistani Jersey, Sings Pakistani National Anthem

We all know that India and Pakistan are going through their long-standing cross-border tensions. India and Pakistan have fought many wars and India has been targeted in many terror attacks like 2008 Mumbai terror attack and 2016 Pathankot massacre.

Giving spark to a big controversy, members of a local cricket club of Kashmir were seen wearing Pakistani cricket team’s uniform and singing Pakistan’s national anthem in a video flaring up on social media.

The disagreement between the two nations has restricted cricket fans, from both sides, from showcasing their love and support for the opposition. While Virat Kohli’s Pakistani fan was jailed for hoisting the Indian tri-colour on the rooftop of his home, an Afridi fan was also arrested for sporting the Pakistani cricketer’s jersey in Assam.

According to reports,  the match was held at the Wayil grounds in Ganderbal on 2 April – separatists had called for a hartal that day to protest against PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir for the Chenani-Nashri tunnel.

Members of the Baba Darya Ud Din team, named after the popular saint whose shrine is situated in Ganderbal, wore Pakistan’s traditional green colors while the opposition wore white. There was an announcement on the public address system that the Pakistan national anthem was going to be played as a “mark of respect”.

The members of the team said:

“Why should we be scared when Kashmir is a disputed territory and Allah is with us? We have not harmed anyone but just played cricket the way we wanted to with all the creativity and relevance to our homeland.”

Now it’s your choice to decide whether it’s a publicity stunt or there is something going on the back of the mind.


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