When to Keep Your Mouth Shut

Tips from Tips Article’s team to keep your mouth shut in following scenarios.

  • In the heat of anger.
  • When you don’t have all the fact.
  • When you haven’t verified the story.
  • If your words will offend the weaker brother.
  • If your words will be a poor reflection of the Lord or friends and family.
  • When you are tempted to joke about sin.
  • When you would be ashamed of your words later.
  • When you tempted to make light of holy things
  • If your words will convey a wrong impression.
  • If the issue is none of your business.
  • When you are tempted to tell an outright lie.
  • If your words will damage someone’s reputation.
  • If your words will destroy a friendship.
  • When you are feeling critical.
  • If you can’t speak without yelling.
  • If you may have to eat your words later.
  • If you already said it more than one time.
  • When you are tempted to flatter a wicked person.
  • When you are supposed to be working instead.
  • When you know that keeping your mouth shut can stop an argument with your loved one.

Really helpful. Isn’t it?

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