Will India Develop One Day – Still a Wish!!!


Why not and how?

  • A country where it is not allowed for a common person to get a job either in government or private sector if single FIR is lodged against any person even for a small issue or by mistake BUT on the other hand, a murderer, rapist, corrupt person is allowed and nominated as election candidate and he can organize and win election from jail as well.
  • A country where the highly educated administrative officer and whole administration department reports to an illiterate, insensitive political leader.
  • A country where reporting, media, social media will highlight or sell only those news for which either their channel rating is growing up or they are getting financial support from others.
  • A country where it takes ages for jurisdiction to decide on the case and by the time decision comes, both criminal and person who is seeking justice have dead already Still people happily say Better late than never.
  • A country where each government and private sector employee’s salary is taxable but no tax on politician’s salary.
  • A country where few people decide the fate of entire award show and award winners and entire function revolves around only those few people.
  • A country where a terrorist is treated as a guest for many years with all special services, despite what he did with hundreds, thousands of families and yet highest jurisdiction Supreme Court is opened for him at midnight for his bail or freedom.
  • A country where people are so selfish that they don’t care or give a damn for others, no matter whether it is right or wrong until they or their family is in trouble.
Now in such a great country, I don’t think that new profitable schemes worth of millions or billions are going to help a common man because maximum money will go into pockets of those who are known as politician, media, selfish. If the aim is development then invest all these money and all power you have to correct constitution rules, loopholes in the system, improve jurisdiction system, correct reporting order based on a qualification which is STILL A WISH!!!
Disclaimer: It is just a thought. It has not been written in intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.
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